About me

My mixed media painted artwork is heavily influenced by the beautiful part of the world in which I live - Sydney’s northern beaches.

I represent the natural and the man-made of the waterways: weatherworn pebbles & stones from the waters edge or depths and the aged built structures within that environment – piers, jetties, boardwalks, swimming enclosures. Planks of wood with water flowing beneath, the surge of the ocean, organic shapes and the patterns of sand & sea – I’m drawn to the aged beauty that time wears on these surfaces and that these things are perpetual, timeless and certain.

My approach is spontaneous, energetic & experimental producing work which is for the viewer at times powerful or at other times, calming.

I use a variety of material including shellac, bitumen, oil stick, acrylic paint and oil mediums and time seems to stand still when I’m immersed producing abstract & semi realistic works. My palette can vary but typically are the blues and greens of the sea or earthy tones. I am particularly interested in assemblage … employing found objects in my works to depict the passing of time & inevitable change symbolized by rusty metal and worn pages from discarded texts.

Because of my love of word play & in contrast to my uncontrived approach to painting, I name my pieces in a very constrained "definition" style.

I often employ "found objects" into my artworks, and also enjoy doing so in the medium of collage which have been described as whimsical and evocative. There are elements within each one that will resonate with the viewer through memory and nostalgia. Often they are produced in discarded timber boxes, picture frames, or preloved book covers.

My latest obsession is open-core contemporary basketry using "ghost nets" which have been sourced from our waterways of Tasmania and NSW.

I have exhibited extensively in Sydney and my works have found homes Australia-wide and abroad.

I can be found on Instagram @christinefarkasart

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